2014 is here!

Happy New Year everyone!  I know its already into week 3 of the new year but I am finally getting some of my pictures in and working on my greatly anticipated 2014 Project Life album.  I am not quite finished wrapping up my 2013 album…but almost.  Yah!  I couldn’t wait to get started on my 2014 album so here are a few pictures that I have been working on for weeks 1 & 2.  They are not complete and are a work in progress.  I don’t even have a complete cover page to my album yet because I am still waiting to get those pictures.

The album that I will be using for 2014’s Project Life is an album that I wanted when I started my album for 2013.  I wasn’t able to find it at any stores so I chose to wait.  This album is one of the We R Memory Keepers Designer Collection albums.  This yellow one is called “Yellow Submarine”.  I love it and my sister got me 2 of them for Christmas to get me started for the 2014 year.  I am in love with them and the quality that they are.  So hope you enjoy this 2014 year of my project life and hope that it will inspire you to keep on creating or to inspire you to start.  God Bless to you all in the coming 2014 year.

Dec. and Jan. PL 046

The We R Memory Keepers Designer Collection Album “Yellow Submarine”  As you will see in the following pictures I will be picking one theme of core cards to be my main collection for all of my 2014 albums.  I may go to other themed cards for holiday and such but as for the main layouts of my book they will be all one theme of cards.  I chose for 2014 to use the Maggie Holmes “Flea Market” mini cards kit and the Maggie Holmes Edition Core Kit.  My thoughts after finishing my first year ever to do Project Life is that I want to make it more simple for me to work on and keep up to date by giving myself less options and an easier pallet to work with. (and the colors look and coordinate awesome with my yellow album too…LOL!)

Dec. and Jan. PL 047 Dec. and Jan. PL 048 Dec. and Jan. PL 049

Beginning stages of my title/cover page to my 2014 album.  All I need to do is insert my pictures that I am still waiting to get in.

Dec. and Jan. PL 050 Dec. and Jan. PL 051 Dec. and Jan. PL 053 Dec. and Jan. PL 052 Dec. and Jan. PL 054 Dec. and Jan. PL 055

Here is my week 1 for 2014.  It is almost complete…just need a 4×6 filler on the right page and a #1 on my week title card.

Dec. and Jan. PL 057 Dec. and Jan. PL 056 Dec. and Jan. PL 058 Dec. and Jan. PL 060 Dec. and Jan. PL 061 Dec. and Jan. PL 064 Dec. and Jan. PL 063

This is my week 2 for 2014 (in progress).  You can see a bunch of blank card on the right page but will be done soon.  I had to include for this week my all time favorite show; The Bachelor.  LOL!

Dec. and Jan. PL 062

Here I added an insert to my week 2.  It was a picture that I stuck into a collage with my Pic Stitch app on my iPhone and printed out as an 8 x 10 picture at Walgreens.  I then stuck it into an Office Maxx 8 1/2 x 11 page protector (since I was out of my 8 x 10 Becky Higgins ones) and backed it with some cardstock.  Then I took it to my sewing machine, stitched along the photo and cut the extra page protector off and made my own custom page pocket.  I love it.


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