New approach to better PL Planning



I used to use a composition book to draw out all of my planning for my Project Life pages.  Then I thought to try putting it in my Filofax planner/wallet and that was working but my planner was getting too full.  So I removed it from my Filofax and decided to make a planning album that I could add pages and it would last years.  So, I bought a Simple Stories Sn@p binder and that is what I am currently using and it is working out great.  I also changed in my project life album the pages.  I will be using Becky Higgins design “A” pages only except for my inserts.  The pages that you see me using are pages that I drew on regular computer paper and decorated with cute washi tape and then scanned onto my computer.  I then scaled them down in Microsoft Word and printed them in color and WA-LAA!  Instant pages that I can print over and over again.  It will make things a little less stressful for me and keep me more consistent.  Less stress = happiness.  🙂


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