Week on 2 Pages (For Sale)

I am in the middle of designing a collection of cute but workable printouts for your pocket Filofax planners.  Once I am finished with this collection I will work on making them for your larger planner like the personal and A5 sizes.  My planner pages with be sold as a PDF document that you can then use as much as you wish.  So to get started here is my week on 2 pages (WO2P) for sale. (Also, FYI…These are single sided pages so you will have extra notes areas on the backs of these sheets, extra post-its, etc.)

photo 4 photo 5

WO2P for $2.50 …………*(two separate PDF documents will be sent to you…the M-Sat. page document and the Sun. insert page PDF document page.)

*as you see in the picture below of these printouts in my planner the Sunday page is slightly smaller so you can still see some of the Th.-Sat. page.

photo 5 (2)

*To purchase this downloadable PDF document just send me a comment with your paypal email address and I will send you an invoice.  Upon receipt you will get an email from me with the attached PDF WO2P document.


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