My 1st Filofax, the Pocket Domino

On Saturday I finally got my first Filofax in the mail.  I don’t know what it is about Filofax but it is just so trendy right now.  I’ve always kept planners for most of my adult life and I suddenly started to seeing tons of videos pop up on youtube about this Filofax brand that I’ve never heard of.  The more I watched the videos the more I realized that this great planner and organizing tool can also be another creative outlook  for me.  Since I am a scrapbooker and am on this Project Life band wagon I decided to keep my daily to do’s and my Project Life planning in one adorable little pocket size book that also acts as my wallet.  Here are a few main points to my starting stages of my set up for my new 2013-2014 Violet Pocket Domino Filofax.

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)

*I just love how small it is and how if fits so cute in my hands.  It is also the perfect size if you are planning to use it for a wallet like I do.  In my planner; for those of you who were wondering; I did not use the black today ruler tab in my planner because I wanted something a little more fun and colorful.  So I used the Becky Higgins divider tabs in the Blush Collection and just cut them down to size for my planner and re-punched the holes to fit my pocket planner.  These will work great for any size planner; personal or your A5.

photo 4 (2) photo 3

On the inside cover I keep my most used credit/debt cards and my license and Costco cards, along with a few Martha Stewart reusable dew drops for my weekly calendar.  In the top loading pocket in front I put my cash and a few stickers that I like to keep on hand just in case I want to use them when I am out of the house.  On the inside back cover I just have a few extra sheets of paper that I can use if I need to add notes to any of my section.

photo 5 (2)

My first divider tab is for my weekly diary pages which I have designed myself on my computer.  They are slightly bigger than the week on 2 pages that came with the Filofax but they fit just fine in my pocket size.  (This custom designed week on 2 pages set up with be available to you soon to use.  Stay tuned for your upcoming blog postings.)

photo 1 (1)

The next section in my planner is my Project Life planning outline sheets.  I just found a free printable online for lined paper and I am using that in my planner to sketch out my weekly Project Life plans for the week.

photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1)photo 5 (1)

Next is my Lists section…I love this section because it is filled with the colorful lined paper that came with my Filofax and I keep all kinds of lists.  (grocery lists, wish lists, other craft shopping lists, YouTube tips and ideas list, etc.) The next “mini” section is just a temporary section; my Christmas Lists.  I have 4 kids and I need to keep things separated and organized.  This is a great section to have included in your everyday planner.

photo 2 (1)

Right in the center of my whole planner I have this heavy duty plastic fly leaf that I made using some old plastic packaging that I recycled.  I am just using it to hold a few of my favorite sticky notes and flags that I want to keep on hand all the time.

photo 1

Here is the famous “Debt Tracker” page that everyone seem to comment on and love.  This page is actually the one and only insert that I use that is not one designed by me.  This is a free printable that I found that seems to work for me very well.  This free printable can be found at:  ENJOY!

photo 2

Finally the last section in my cute pocket planner.  My husband and I are always thinking of ways to decorate or do to our house.  This is just an insert I made to keep track of items and tasks that we want to buy or do to our house.

So, that is the main points to my new Pocket Domino Filofax and my starting plans for my set up.  So follow my blog to receive updates on my Filofax updates and creative ideas as well as my Project Life pages.  Thanks for visiting Blue Jeans Crafts where I document my life day to day.


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