Blog: Q & A

Thank you to my follower Stacey for the great question.

(Subject: How do I plan my weeks in Project Life)

Q:  Do you choose your pages before you take photos or after?

A:  I guess normally I would have everything in front of me for my scrapbook layouts and choose my plan for it after, but in this case with project life I plan my pages before I ever take any photos.  (my process)…When I’m planning my photos for the week I already know (in my planner book) that my first page protector is going to be the back of the last page from the prior week.  Then I go through my page protectors and choose a 2nd 12×12 page I’m just in the mood to use.  Then every night I write down my plan for that day’s photo(s) and pick it spot(s) on my page.  If I run out of spots before the week ends (which I tend to do often…LOL) I then decide to add an insert page by how many available spots there are and days I have left.  When I am ready to order my prints for the week I use my Pic Stitch app on my iPhone to crop my photos to the size I want for its set spot on my page.  So, that is how I plan out my week for my project life.


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